Notice:”each add-on” means that all files included in Zip folder you download.

You must read all of this document carefully before you use each add-on.
You are considered to agree to the terms by downloading each add-on.

1.Publishing each add-on without permission.
2.Reverse Engineer and Modify(incl. modify and use for X-Plane).
3.Commercial use*.
4.Using each add-on other than the purpose of Flight Simulation.

1.FSMUSEUM does not have any responsibility for your use of this add-on.
2.The terms may be modified suddenly. Please check the lastest version of EULA at here. Only the lastest EULA is always applied. If you don't accept the lastest one, please delete each add-on immediately.

1.It is prohibited from putting a link to URL of the add-on directly.
2.FSMUSEUM has all rights reserved.
3.If each add-on has some problem, we will announce it at here. Please delete or update your files immideately following the instructions.

E-mail:contact(At sign)fsmuseum.jpn.org
I will not read machine-translated messages from your native language to English.
Thank you for your corporation.

*"Commercial use" includes any actions resulting from making money (incl. donation) regardless of whether it is direct or not.
For example, the following terms are prohibited without permission.
(1) Uploading a movie or live stream with each add-on and advertisements.
(2) Receiving ad revenue or a donation with your work (such as an image or a movie) in which each add-on is used.
If you are selling your work or receiving a donation, you will not use each add-on on your website or stream (this means indirect commercial-use).
If you ask me to permit your use of each add-on under such situation, do not hesitate to contact me.